Quality Time

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Willow watched Xander and Spike and smiled. Watching them had become a rather entertaining past time over the last few months. Ever since they had called her over and confessed their relationship to her that night more than three months before. Buffy was still in an oblivious cloud, not seeing or not wanting to see that one of her best friends was fucking her old enemy. Willow was actually envious of them. She wasn't sure if they were in love. In fact, she doubted if they even knew. For now, they were content hanging out and having sex. She couldn't really complain. They always included her in their nights out, knowing she was always home alone. It usually wasn't that bad, but seeing her friends in their happy relationship just stressed to her how alone she truly was. They got to go home together while she got to go home to an empty house. A house she had moved back into after Buffy had moved into an off campus apartment with Riley after school was let out.

"What?" Xander demanded, seeing the small smile on his best friend's mouth. He glanced at Spike, still shocked that he was involved with Spike, of all people. He couldn't even explain it himself. But, he cared about Spike and knew the vampire cared about him too. For now, that was enough. "Do I have something on my face?"

Spike shrugged, "Don't see anything, pet. Maybe she's daft?"

"Hey, Blondie. Watch it" she said, throwing the pillow at him.

"Nope, she's alive" he said, grinning at the redhead. Out of the entire group, she was the only one besides Xander that he liked. He had been watching her the last few weeks. She seemed so melancholy...almost brooding. That's what had given him the idea. If it didn't work, she was going to kill him. He glanced at his lover and smiled. Them, he amended. Xander was in on this plan too.

"I was just thinking that you two match, as odd as it seems." Willow said, smiling. "I'm also a bit jealous, if I'm honest with myself."

"Jealous? Of us?" Xander laughed. He winked at Spike,"Sure thing Wills. Every growing human on the Hellmouth needs their own vampire cuddle bunny."

"Every growing human?" Willow said, laughing at that mental image.

"Cuddle bunny?" Spike repeated dryly. He raised an eyebrow at Xander, "Is that all I am to you?"

"Spike" Xander started, seeing the humor in Spike's eyes. "Yep. My own personal cuddle bunny. Sorry, Will. I don't share."

"That's ok. I don't know if I'd know what to do with a cuddle bunny anyway" Willow said, sighing.

"Honey, if you had your own vampire, he'd be sure to show you what to do" Spike said, winking at the pretty girl.

"You're incorrigible" she said, laughing.

"And you love me anyway" Spike said, getting up and kissing her cheek on his way into the kitchen. "Want a soda, hon?"

"Sure" Xander called to him. "Willow?"

"Sounds great, hon" Willow said, laughing as Xander rolled his eyes.

"Will" Xander leaned forward and whispered, "Am I nuts?"

"You're asking me?" she said, giggling.

"I'm serious" he hissed. "I think I might be in love with Spike. That makes me weird, doesn't it?"

"No. Forget about everyone else and what you think they'll say. This is your life" Willow said, squeezing his hand. "Does this mean I get to be best man?"

"Oh, you" Xander said, laughing as she broke the tense moment. In all honestly, he didn't know if it was love. He had just wanted to make sure that Willow would be ok with it if it did turn out to be serious. He should have known better. She'd stand by them no matter. "You know, you should take your own advice."

"What?" she asked, looking curious.

"I know about you and Angel" he said softly, watching her face whiten.

"Drop it" she said, looking at the television and ignoring him.

He looked up as Spike came back into the room, his mug of blood in one hand and the two cans of soda in the other. He glanced at Willow, who had turned her shoulder on Xander and looked questioningly at his lover. "Got frosty in here."

"Shh" Xander said, knowing he had pushed his best friend. She wasn't ready to talk yet. Who was he to force the issue? Spike sat down, setting Willow's soda on the table beside her. He leaned back, his arm going on the sofa around Xander's shoulders. He could hear to the racing of Willow's heart. He sighed, watching the television as things remained quiet, his fingers brushing through Xander's thick dark hair.


"Will, talk to me" Xander said, his dark eyes begging. She had been ignoring him for the past few hours. Ever since he had brought Angel's name up. He sighed, looking at Spike. "She's ignoring me."

"I can see that, luv" Spike said, amusement flashing in his eyes. "Do I want to know what you said to her?"

Willow stiffened, glaring at them but remaining silent. She couldn't believe Xander had wanted her to discuss Angel. She was trying to forget the handsome vampire. Why would she talk about him with her best friends if she were trying to forget? And he had said it said so nonchalantly, as if it were no huge deal. Her eyes narrowed as she wondered what exactly he knew about her and Angel and how he had found it out. She knew for sure Angel hadn't said a word. He'd run back to LA as soon as he had the chance. She glowered even more darkly as her mood became worse.

"I told her I knew about her and the Poof" Xander said, sighing sadly.

"Bloody hell, babe" Spike said, groaning. "That was right stupid."

"I know that now" Xander said, rolling his eyes. He glanced at Willow and saw her lips quirk slightly. She was doing her best to ignore them but he could tell she was listening. He felt bad for ruining the mood, having no idea mentioning Angel would cause her to become so upset. "Where were you when I stuck my foot in my mouth?"

"Your foot wouldn't even fill your mouth," Willow said darkly, glowering at him so he knew she was mad.

"OW" Xander said, grabbing his chest and moaning. "That one hurt Willow. But, at least you're speaking to me again."

"Am not" Willow said, her lower lip thrusting out as she looked away from them.

"I understand, luv" Spike said sadly. "Thinking of Peaches makes me ill too. Can't believe the moron would even speak about him."

"Not ill not to shag him....repeatedly" Xander reminded sweetly.

"Bloody fucking hell. That was eighty years ago" Spike said, growling. "Don't see me constantly bringing up the bitch slayer or that ex-demon. At least Peaches was better than either of them."

"I agree. I'd do him" Xander said, winking at Spike who sighed loudly.

"Excuse me!" Willow said, rolling her eyes. "I thought this was about me, not you. Who cares if you'd do him. I did do him! It wasn't something I'd write home about."

Spike raised an eyebrow, "Aw, pet. You're fibbing. I've been there. Peaches might be a broody arrogant bastard but he was one of the best lovers I've ever had. Always so eager to please. Tender caresses and lustful looks."

Willow felt heat spreading over her at his words, remembering that weekend with Angel. She stood, flustered. "I better go. You two are driving me crazy."

"Not yet" Xander yelped, glancing at Spike with worry. It wasn't time for her to leave yet. "I'm sorry Willow. We were crude asses for bringing up that brooding bastard. Please stay?"

"Whatever" Willow relented, knowing she would just be going home to an empty apartment. She sat back down, turning her attention to the television.

Another hour past as Spike laid against Xander, nestled between the human's legs as they laid on the couch. He felt Xander's warm fingers on his collar bone, soothing him as they lay watching cartoons. He sniffed the air, smelling the familiar scent. He nudged Xander, letting the youth know that it was time. Xander chuckled softly, the sound causing his cock to harden as he remembered where he usually heard the noise. He glared at his lover as he adjusted his position, waiting for the inevitable. Finally, there was a knock on the door. He looked at Willow who was staring at it with curiosity. "Red, would you get that? I'm rather comfortable here."

"Who the hell could it be?" Willow grumbled, walking barefoot to the outside door. She opened it, freezing as she stood looking at the surprised man, knowing that she must have a similar look on her own face. "Angel?"


"Willow?" Angel said softly, memories of the redhead flashing vividly through his mind.

"I'm going to kill them!" She said, turning to glare at two rather triumphant looking men sitting on the sofa. "You miserable bastards." She pushed past a stunned Angel, running barefoot into the night.

"Fuck" Xander cursed, running a hand through his hair.

Spike looked at his sire, wondering why he had ever once considered the man intelligent. "Well, go after her you idiot!"

"What?" Angel asked, coming out of his mental fog. He saw the irritation on his childe's face and frowned, "Why are you interferring?"

"Why do I get stuck with the morons?" Spike asked the air, glaring at Xander as his lover hit him. "Do you love her, Peaches?"

"I.." Angel shook his head. "I can't love her."

"Can't or won't?" Xander demanded, beginning to wonder if this was a mistake.

"Spike" Angel growled, "Keep a leash on your pet."

Spike snorted, "Not bloody likely. He's almost as stubborn as Red. Red who is currently running in the dark streets alone with no shoes on, a perfect meal for whichever vampire happens to wander by....."

"That was very good" Xander said, looking at the now empty doorway. He sighed, watching Scooby Doo. "You think he loves her?"

"He's here isn't he?" Spike asked, frowning at the cartoon. "This is so bloody stupid. Why wouldn't they wonder why their damn dog could talk if they're so busy investigating these dumb mysteries?"

"It's a cartoon, hon" Xander said patiently, knowing it was going to be a long night as Spike continued to analyze the cartoon.


"Willow! God damn it, wait up!" Angel demanded, running to catch up with the redhead.

"Why?" Willow asked, turning to glare at him. "So you can run back to LA and leave me again?"

"I..." he paused, not sure what he could say.

"What?" she asked, her eyes spitting fire. She felt her lips quivering as she faced him. It had been two months since he had returned to Sunnydale, picking up a book from Giles. She had run into him, spending the evening talking with him. They had so much in common and it was the first time they had really spoken. She had ended the night in his bed, spending the rest of the weekend with him, thanking the spell she had used for restoring his soul because it lacked the happiness clause. She had woken late Sunday night with the bed empty. Not hearing from him until she saw him that night. "You didn't even say good bye."

"I couldn't" he said softly. He looked into her eyes, "I was scared."

"Yeah right" she laughed harshly. "I really inspire fear in men."

"You do. Everytime you looked at me with those big green eyes, so full of love and trust....I just wanted to hold you and not let go. I'm so wrong for you Willow. I had to walk away."

"What gives you the right?" she asked, moving towards him and hitting him hard. "What if I want what's bad for me? Huh, mister?"

He saw the same look in her eyes that had been there that night. He felt hope building in him as he brushed a lock of hair from her face. "Guess I couldn't stop you, could I?"

"Nope" she said, shaking her head, bringing her hand to lay on top of his. She saw his eyes darken as she licked her lips, standing up to brush her lips against his. She felt his hand move behind her as he pulled her into him, deepening the kiss as she moved into his arms. She was finally where she belonged, she realized, feeling his tongue claim her mouth. She'd have to thank Xander and Spike....after she killed them of course. She smiled, snuggling closer against Angel as they continued to kiss tenderly.