Anniversary Dance

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Story Notes:
It’s their fiftieth anniversary.

The date is ingrained in Hermione’s mind as firmly as all the birthdays and major holidays she has to remember. As she gets older, though, it seems there are fewer birthdays to remember. She isn’t even seventy yet, but there are already more death dates to keep track of than she cares to think about. Days when she buys flowers and visits headstones or memorable places so she can remember those no longer with her. Despite her age, she’s in excellent health, other needing spectacles to read small text, and she knows the magic running through her veins somehow extends her life expectancy, but she still tries to live each day to its fullest because she knows from experience that magic can’t cure everything. If it could, Ron would be here with her.

Even if he’s been gone for eight years now, she still feels his presence while she goes about her normal routine. She’s a member of the wizengamot now, and she’s acted as an advisor to Percy since he became Minister. When he retires next year, she isn’t sure yet if she’ll follow in his footsteps or continue to work for another few years. It’ll probably depend on who becomes Minister next, though she knows Percy’s been grooming Dominique for the position for years. If that happens, she’ll probably continue on as advisor for as long as Dominique wants her.

After work, she meets Rose and Scorpius for dinner. They fill her in on family gossip, telling her about how the grandchildren are doing now that they’ve finished Hogwarts, and she is grateful that Scorpius remembers dates as well as she does because she knows her son-in-law is responsible for the distraction of the dinner invitation. When she gets home, she kicks off her shoes and pours herself a glass of wine before turning on the wireless.

She closes her eyes as she sways to the music, tears silently falling down her cheeks as she dances. Ron is suddenly there with her, will be as long as she has her eyes shut, and he’s chuckling in her ear as she slowly twirls for him. She can’t move like she used to, but he doesn’t care. He still loves her, still thinks she’s beautiful even as her hair turns grey, doesn’t mind the wrinkles or laugh lines. He’s behind her, she knows he is, and they’re dancing together like they did for so many years.