A Moment

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Story Notes:
There’s so much noise. Neville can hear cats meowing and birds chirping as he wanders down the aisles of Magical Menagerie. Grandmother doesn’t like pets, so this is his first visit to the shop. There’s so much to look at that it’s almost too much. He doesn’t know what type of animal to choose to take with him to Hogwarts, either, so he isn’t sure where to go. The cats are fluffy, but they shed, and Grandmother probably wouldn’t approve of the fuss. He avoids the birds because they have feathers, which is almost as bad as fur. Besides, he can still remember Grandmother’s owl biting his fingers, so he’d rather avoid birds altogether.

Snakes might not be bad. He’s found several in the gardens when he’s been out digging, and he’s not scared of them. A lot of people are, though, so he should probably choose something else. When he sees the toads, he considers getting one of them. Grandmother just told him to choose something he likes without caring what most students choose. He knows rats and cats are popular, that’s why there are so many of them, but Neville’s not likely to be popular himself, so he thinks a toad might suit him.

One of the toads hops close to the glass, and it feels like he’s staring at Neville. Walking closer, he stares back. The toad hops up as if it’s trying to escape, and he can understand how that feels. Having people stare and talk about him like he’s not there listening is something he’s had happen to him since he was little. Great Uncle Algie is calling out his name, and Neville knows he has to choose now or he won’t get the gift. He smiles at the toad and nods. He can’t escape from the pointing and stares, but maybe he can at least help save the toad.

“I think I’ll name you Trevor.”