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Story Notes:
“You want to get married?” Willow looks from the bridal magazine to Angel.

“What?” He looks up from the book he’s reading and blinks at her. “You want to get married?”

“Not particularly, but I’m not opposed to the idea if you want to?” Willow shrugs. “I don’t really see the need for a legal ceremony that wouldn’t really be legal considering you’re a vampire, and I’m an immortal witch.”

“If you hadn’t pissed off the Powers That Be and channeled the magic to defeat Kartibus, you’d still be mortal,” he points out, marking his place with a bookmark and shutting the book. “We could always do a ceremony more geared towards your goddesses and such?”

“Blah blah. Blame the witch instead of the ancient beings who fail to mention immortality is the price to pay to use the magic.” Willow sticks her tongue out at him. She isn’t opposed to being immortal, it definitely helps with the risk taking when they’re fighting some evil or another, but she still isn’t used to the idea, and she hates the idea of watching people she loves grow old and die. Hopefully grow old. In their line of work, early death seems to go hand in hand, unfortunately.

“It’s both a curse and a blessing, and you should have asked the right questions if you were concerned about it.” Angel pulls her onto his lap and looks at the magazine she’s holding. “You bought a bridal magazine? Did I miss a proposal? Or was that it earlier? Because, if so, we should have a talk about romance and mood for such a serious question.”

“I didn’t buy it. I assumed you did,” Willow says. “And that wasn’t a proposal, smart ass. I’m not even sure I’d want to get married.”

“It could be nice,” Angel muses, nuzzling her neck. “Making it official, I mean. Not some legal mumbo jumbo, but a ceremony under the stars maybe.”

“Mumbo jumbo?” Willow snickers and gets more comfortable on his lap. “It might not be that awful, I suppose.”

“Anything interesting in that magazine?” Angel licks at her pulse point, which makes her mind thing about things that aren’t silly publications with women in poofy dresses.

“I dunno.” She opens the magazine and blinks when she realizes there’s a cut out in the middle of the pages. Inside the small area, there’s a silver ring. “Angel?”

“I knew flowers and grand gestures aren’t really your thing, so I thought something sneaky might be better,” he confesses, reaching for the ring and holding it up. “So, what do you say?”

“That’s your romance? You haven’t even asked me anything,” she points out, admiring the designs etched in the band of the ring.

“Will you marry me?” He nuzzles her neck, which isn’t fair because it’s hard to resist anything when he’s doing that. Not that she wants to. The ring fits perfectly, and she takes a moment to look at it.

“I guess so. I mean, it’s not like anyone else would put up with you, especially not for an eternity or however long,” she says with a dramatic sigh, giggling when he starts to tickle her.