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Story Notes:
Spike rolls his eyes when Angel sulks and storms out like a child who has to share his favorite toy. Willow looks confused, and he can’t help but be amused. “You should surprise me more often, love.”

“Is Angel going through some type of morality phase?” Willow asks curiously. “I thought it was a rather chaste kiss, but he looked at me like I’d stripped down and was having sex with you right here in the office instead of just kissing you hello.”

“Peaches is just jealous, Red. You know he’s fancied me for decades now.” Spike playfully preens and even bats his eyelashes to make her laugh.

“Be serious a minute, you goof.” Willow giggles anyway. “Is us being together going to cause a problem? I thought you’d already told him about us.”

“It’s not a problem. He just likes to get his knickers in a twist when someone else is getting some from a gorgeous delectable redhead and he’s only got his hand for company.” Spike pulls her closer and kisses her. “He’ll get over it.”

“Well, if he doesn’t, we can always invite him to join us some time. I’d hate for his knickers to be twisted too often,” Willow says, winking at him and giving him a downright filthy smile.

Spike licks his lips and considers the mental image before he slowly nods. “Or we could do that.”