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Story Notes:
The sound of the waves crashing against the shore drew her from her sleep. The air was damp with early morning dew that clung to her eyelashes as she opened her eyes. She was sore, her body aching in a way that was becoming more common over the last few weeks, and she felt muscles protesting her efforts to move them.

The large body that she was lying on moved as she woke. The freckled back that had been acting as a pillow rolled towards her. Hermione moved back against the slender body pressed against her to avoid being rolled onto, a sleepy smile crossing her lips when she heard a soft sigh against her neck. She settled her head on Charlie’s chest, watching him yawn and wipe sleep from his eyes. Bill snuggled closer, snoring softly as he rubbed against her arse in his sleep.

Charlie grinned at her as he woke up, dusting sand from her cheek before he kissed her lightly. He nudged Bill, hard, and laughed when Bill cursed and growled as he reluctantly woke. She slapped Charlie’s chest and kissed Bill before he could wake enough to hex Charlie. When she pulled back, he glared at Charlie but cuddled contentedly against her.

She settled between them and smiled as they watched the sunrise and a new day began.